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Mankind's Relationship with Creation was elevated when God breathed the breath of life into Adam and the man became a living being.

Scripture provides a generational story of believers responding to God's breath of life. Through the lens of the resurrection, mankind is uniquely positioned to begin restoring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth - as it was - In the Beginning.

Bottom line: God's Spirit lives in you whether you want it or not. The question is always: What do you want to do with it?

Jesus told us what to do - and how to do it.

  • Worship in spirit and in truth

  • Love your neighbor as yourself

That gives me hope.

It is the desire of the author that all who ask shall receive. Free eBooks and paperback copies of The Seventh Day are available from this website.

My Hope

  • We accept that God lives in each of us - and treat each other accordingly. 

  • We listen for truth in our thoughts - and the thoughts of others.

  • We watch for God's presence in our lives - and the world around us.

  • We think about it - and talk about it.

My Dream

  • Provide a platform for believers of all faiths to receive thoughts about God beyond the restrictions they practice.


My Prayer

  • May we walk and talk with God.

  • May we live in love.

  • May we share our blessings.

  • May we error on the side of grace.

  • May we experience revival. 

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