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"Thanks Terry for your insights that brought me back to seeing the purpose of life from God's perspective."
"Terry, thank you for sharing what God has shown you and the words that bring healing and grace."
"I read your book and wrote comments in it as I read. It made me think and question some of your thinking. However, I SO agree with your conclusions. It is the fact that God created the realty we live in and calls us to His love. It is our Lord that died and called me to a life of walking with Him. We start with his love and then walk with those around us, loving them as we do Him. Our Lord showed us how and as you write it is all about our walking. Please continue to keep me thinking, Terry!"   

"This is a wonderful example of answering the call. The author presents ideas that challenge my current thoughts about creation. I am so grateful to have read this enlightening book. It asked questions and presents thoughts that I had never asked myself. This book got me thinking more in depth then I had ever before. Thank you for taking the time to write and publish this work."


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your book was like a drink of fresh water - maybe I should say "refreshing water". I admit I struggled at first with "where is he going with this?" Afraid maybe to be disappointed. Soon I was treading water, never realizing how deep the water was getting. I was absolutely not disappointed. Sometimes I worry that Christians overlook the admonition to not only Love the Lord our God with our whole heart and spirit, but also with our mind. You engaged my mind, not to only believe but also to think. Never looked at the seventh day from your perspective, love it. Good job at examining the thread of God's purpose throughout the old testament. It was a meaty read and one I want to share: choose life.  I would like to pay for more copies to use in my small group, it certainly must cost to produce them. Do I do that through your web site or from you. I'm thinking 10 copies. Again, thanks for thinking of me."
Thank you for sharing this with me. I’m sorry I missed the fishing trip; it sounded like an awesome experience. I suppose, ultimately, we are all on a fishing trip of sorts in this life. I will share the voicefromthefire with friends in hopes of sparking more discussions around more fires. My prayer is that as God’s Word is shared through these discussions more hearts open wider to His Kingdom here on this amazing earth He created.
Thanks again for sharing The Seventh Day with me."

"Brother, we are so proud of you being willing to write and share what has come to you in your spiritual life. Your willingness for people to listen to Holy Spirit’s voice, share with others, and rest in God’s kingdom is a beautiful gift. 

Blessings as your book goes forth! We love you now and in the infinity of God’s Love."

-Cindy and Gerry


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